Analysis of Public Expenditure by Policy Area Group

Growth in Recurrent Public Expenditure in 2000-01 in Major Policy Area Groups

The key improvements contributing to the growth in expenditure in Health, Social Welfare, Education and Security are detailed below:

Health (+2.8%)
- 460 additional hospital beds
- A new skin clinic in Cheung Sha Wan
- Implementation of the Computerised Laboratory Information System (first phase) in the Department of Health


Social Welfare (+9.2%)
- For the elderly, an additional 2 510 residential places, including subvented and bought places, 10 social centres, 5 day care centres, 3 multi-service centres, 3 dedicated support teams and 2 home help teams to deliver domiciliary care services
- For people with a disability, an additional 660 residential places and 680 day places
- For children, an additional 706 day nursery places and 6 small group homes
- An additional 60 pre-school places for children with a disability
- An additional 20 social workers to strengthen family education and provide support to parents in guiding their children to help foster a closer parent-child relationship
- 4 additional medical social workers to provide services at new medical facilities
- Providing 1 school social worker in each secondary school by phases
- An additional 7 child protection workers
- 4 additional clinical psychologists to strengthen services for those in need


Education (+4.2%)
- Commissioning 6 additional secondary schools and operating 44 more primary schools on whole-day basis
- 168 additional English teaching posts to enhance the teaching of English in secondary schools adopting Chinese as the medium of instruction
- 20 additional native-speaking English teachers in secondary schools
- 132 additional teaching posts in primary schools to enhance library services and implement Reading Schemes
- Upgrading a further 1 640 teaching posts in primary schools to graduate status
- Further enhancing information technology in education by strengthening teacher training, engaging contract technical services and providing over 100 additional IT Co-ordinators
- Supplementary grant to schools to support school-based management
- 8 more schools joining the Direct Subsidy Scheme


Security (+3.8%)
- 54 additional police officers to strengthen operational front-line capabilities in new towns and new infrastructure
- 10 additional staff in Fire Services Department for new fire stations
- 6 additional staff in ICAC for the management of the Commission Against Corruption Information System
- 27 additional staff in Immigration Department to process applications for Certificate of Entitlement (C of E) and to handle related judicial review cases
- 8 additional staff in Government Laboratory to carry out genetic tests for verifying the parentage of C of E applicants born out of wedlock
- 10 additional staff in Immigration Department for processing visa applications under the Admission of Talents Scheme
- 4 additional staff in Customs and Excise Department to strengthen transport support at Lok Ma Chau Control Point

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