Analysis of Public Expenditure by Policy Area Group

Key to Classification of Expenditure

Policy Area Group
Main Components
Community and External Affairs District and Community Relations
Recreation, Culture and Amenities*
Economic Air and Sea Communications
Financial Services
Information Technology, Telecommunications and Broadcasting
Posts and Power
Public Safety
Trade and Industry
Travel and Tourism
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary (including subventions to Vocational Training Council)
Environment and Food
Environmental Protection and Conservation, Sewage and Waste Disposal
Environmental Hygiene*
Food Supply and Food Safety*


Health Health (including subventions to Hospital Authority)
Housing Housing (including Housing Authority)
Infrastructure Buildings, Lands and Planning
Transport (including Highways)
Water Supply
Security Administration of Justice
Immigration Control
Internal Security (including Police, Fire and Correctional Services)
Legal Administration
Legal Aid
Social Welfare
Social Welfare (including Lotteries Fund)
Support Central Management of the Civil Service
Complaints Against Maladministration
Constitutional Affairs
Intra-Governmental Services
Revenue Collection and Financial Control
Support for Members of the Legislative Council



*    Including spending by the previous Provisional Urban and Regional Councils.

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