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49.     As our logistics industry faces increasingly stiff competition, we must further raise our competitiveness in order to reinforce our position as an international logistics hub.  Later this year, the Government will launch the Digital Trade and Transportation Network System.  This system will enhance the competitiveness of our logistics industry by offering an open, neutral, stable and secure e-platform where logistics and related industries can exchange information and data, and by facilitating global information flow and service integration.

50.     For the future development of our port, including the timing and site-selection for Container Terminal 10, we will have to take into account such information as the updated cargo forecast and the findings of the ecology study.  As regards the Lantau Logistics Park project, the Government has sought the views of the logistics industry on the park's operational characteristics and planning parameters.  A detailed feasibility study has been commissioned to meet the statutory requirements for the planning and reclamation of the park site.

51.     To consolidate our position as an international port as well as a shipping and logistics hub, we must promote our strengths and the latest developments in these areas in the Mainland and overseas markets.  In 2005?6, the Government will provide funding of $5 million each to the Hong Kong Logistics Development Council and the Hong Kong Maritime Industry Council to enhance the marketing of our port, shipping and logistics facilities.

52.     In terms of international air cargo throughput, our airport is the busiest in the world.  Taking advantage of this, the Airport Authority is actively seeking out strategic partnerships with Mainland airports in a bid to improve development and co-operation in the logistics industries of both sides.  We will, of course, also continue to expand our cross-boundary transport network and other infrastructural facilities to meet the needs of our logistics industry.



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