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Budget Speech
  Budget Speech
  Improving Building Safety

67.     To speed up urban renewal and building maintenance, the Government has recently announced that it has obtained the support of the Hong Kong Housing Society to launch a $3 billion Building Management and Maintenance Scheme.  The scheme will provide 㺸ne-stop?services to owners of old buildings to help them improve the overall condition of their buildings and living environment.  Each year, an estimated 800 or so buildings will benefit from the scheme.  In addition, I will earmark a total of $830 million to the Buildings Department over a period of five years starting from 2006?7, for the purpose of removing over 180 000 unauthorised structures and improving the safety and external appearance of old buildings.  These initiatives will create job opportunities for the building construction and decorating sectors and help ease the unemployment situation of less-educated and low-skilled workers.



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