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Budget Speech
  Budget Speech
  Development of Lantau

77.     Lantau has great development potential as well as conservation and recreation value.  It will play an important role in the future development of Hong Kong .  I hope that we can jointly formulate a planning framework to achieve a sustainable development, balancing economic development and conservation.  The Lantau Development Task Force drew up a Concept Plan for Lantau at the end of last year.  Public consultation on the Plan ended last month.  The public is generally in support of a balanced and co-ordinated approach to planning the future development of Lantau.  However, there are those who feel that no further development in Lantau should be carried out.  That there are strong and divergent views in the community on this important subject is perfectly understandable.  I would like to stress that the consultation we have just completed is only the beginning of public participation.  I hope that the public can keep an open mind and continue their discussions on the Concept Plan.  It is not necessary for anyone to jump to any conclusion now.



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