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Budget Speech
  Budget Speech
  Sale and Securitisation of Government Assets

100.    Last year, the Government successfully launched the $6 billion securitisation of revenues from the government tolled tunnels and bridges as well as its $20 billion bond offering.  While there has been a hitch in the Housing Authority's sale of its retail and car parking facilities, this will not affect the Government's intention to sell or securitise its own assets.  For example, the Government is conducting a public consultation on the privatisation of the Airport Authority.  We are also continuing our discussions with the two railway corporations over a possible merger.  The sale and securitisation of assets will not only provide the public with more investment options, but also ensure a more effective use of resources.  The Government will, in accordance with the principle of ig Market, Small Government? continue to identify suitable assets for sale or securitisation in order to reduce the share of the public sector in the economy and give more scope for the private sector to develop.


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