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Budget Speech
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Madam President,


        I move that the Appropriation Bill 2006 be read a second time.

2.   This is my third Budget. I have developed my budgetary blueprints from the outset based on a pair of intertwined principles. These are 岞arket Leads, Government Facilitates?and rudent Management of Public Finances? With these two postulates in mind, I have listened extensively to the views of the community. My hope is that I can lay the foundations for our social and economic development through my annual Budgets in a manner that is responsive to the aspirations of our community.

3.   The Chief Executive has pledged to pursue excellence in governance, foster harmony in the community and facilitate economic growth. The strong economic recovery in the past two years has indeed improved the overall mood in Hong Kong. It is the clear wish of the people that we should capitalise on the present opportunity and further develop our economy. What the community wants is unambiguous: less argument, more action.

4.   My Budget this year consists of four themes: Recovery, Enhancement, Commitment and Sharing. I shall expound on these seriatim.

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