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Concluding Remarks

86.   Our most valuable asset is the very special community we have in Hong Kong:

  • we observe the rule of law and love freedom of speech;

  • we are resilient and hard-working;

  • we respect open markets and fair competition, and value economic development;

  • we regard challenges and setbacks as the springboard for further success;

  • we are versatile and enterprising, and seize opportunities well; and

  • we probably have the fastest pace of living in the world, but we also pause to help the needy.

87.   I recall saying in my Budget Speech two years ago that our economy was in the early dawn of recovery. With Hong Kong people's special characteristics and Hong Kong's competitive advantage in having the Mainland as our hinterland and our international outlook, the economy has continued its steady recovery over the past two years. It is now springtime in Hong Kong and, like the early morning sun, our economy has risen above the horizon. However, prosperity does not come easily, and we must treasure what we have achieved and not rest on our laurels.  We must continue to develop ourselves and play to our strengths.

88.   Madam President, in the eight years following Hong Kong's reunification with our motherland, we have faced and overcome many challenges because we were able to remain strong, to unite and work together. I firmly believe that our people support us in practising free market principles and prudently managing public finances. I firmly believe that our community is committed to taking advantage of our hard-earned economic recovery and building on our strengths. I firmly believe that, for as long as we continue to be united and work together, we shall be able to make the most of the present opportunities and we shall be the brightest pearl of our nation.

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