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Financial Services

30.   Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant international financial centres in the world. We enjoy a number of advantages, including a sound regulatory regime on a par with international standards, an efficient and transparent market, and many financial professionals from around the world experienced in providing services to Mainland enterprises. Our capital market has attracted huge amounts of overseas funds and won recognition from international investors. We have overtaken Tokyo since 2004 as the leading equity fundraising market in Asia. As Hong Kong investors are generally more familiar with the Mainland market and enterprises than foreign investors, the turnover of shares of Mainland enterprises in Hong Kong is far higher than in any other international financial centre. Hong Kong's competitive edge in financial services complements the Mainland's economic development and financial reform: we are best positioned to become the launchpad for Mainland enterprises to develop a global presence. We are forging ahead to create a win-win situation for the Mainland and Hong Kong.

31.   The financial services industry is a key pillar of Hong Kong's economy and also the main area for development. I believe that we must continue to look for improvement in the following directions:

  • expanding the scope of Renminbi (RMB) business;
  • facilitating market development;
  • upgrading the quality of our financial markets; and
  • promoting the strengths of Hong Kong as an international financial centre.

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