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The 2007-08 Budget The 2007-08 Budget
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Strengthening Family Support, Fostering Child Development

51.       Over the past two years, we have provided additional funding of about $200 million for the provision of support services to families and children in need.  In 2007?8, further funding will be provided to the following services:  



 $52 million to provide more places in early education and training centres and special child-care centres for pre-school children with disabilities, and more day training and residential service places for people with disabilities.  The Government appreciates the community's demand for residential services for those with disabilities and will endeavour to address this issue;


$31 million to give better care to victims of domestic violence, strengthen family welfare services and expand child-care services for families in need;


$20 million to enhance outreach services for the promotion of mental health in the community and early identification of people with psychological disturbances, so that they may be given appropriate support; and


an allocation of about $10 million over the next three years to expand the Capacity Building Mileage Programme by strengthening education in parenting, encouraging continuous learning and assisting more women to enhance their capabilities.


52.       To provide children from a disadvantaged background with more development opportunities, I will earmark $300 million to set up a child development fund.  The Commission on Poverty will discuss the fund's detailed operation.  We also plan to extend the Comprehensive Child Development Service to all districts in phases and strengthen social services support.

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