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The 2007-08 Budget The 2007-08 Budget
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Civil Service Establishment

60.       Since we must strictly control the size of the civil service, we will consider filling existing vacancies or creating new posts only after critically reviewing our manpower situation and exploring the feasibility of other options for service delivery.  In order to implement various policy initiatives and meet the community's increasing demand for public services, the civil service establishment will have slightly expanded to around 162 900 by the end of March 2008, an increase of less than 1 per cent.


61.       To complement the creation of new posts and to pre-empt possible succession problems arising in the civil service, we will resume open recruitment of civil servants from 1 April 2007.  However, the recruitment freeze will continue to apply to those grades covered by the Second Voluntary Retirement Scheme, unless otherwise approved.


62.       It has long been our policy for civil service pay to offer adequate remuneration to attract, retain and motivate staff of suitable calibre who can provide the public with quality services.  By adhering to the principle of broad comparability between civil service and private sector pay, we ensure that civil service remuneration is considered fair by both civil servants and the public.  The Secretary for the Civil Service is now discussing with staff representatives how best to apply to the civil service the findings of the recently-completed Pay Level Survey and develop an improved civil service annual pay adjustment mechanism.  Should a decision be made on a civil service pay adjustment, it is estimated that the 2007?8 Budget could meet this need.


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