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  Production Capacity

34.     An ageing population will impose limitations on the production capacity of the economy. We must attract talented people from the Mainland and overseas to give fresh impetus to our economy and improve our population structure.

35.     Since reunification, we have, through various schemes, attracted more than 200 000 talented people to Hong Kong. We have recently relaxed the age limit and the requirements on language proficiency and work experience for the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme and the arrangements for non-local students to work in Hong Kong after graduation, with a view to attracting more talented young people to our city. We will make better use of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices around the world to step up the external promotion of the various talent admission schemes and the arrangements for non-local students to work in Hong Kong.

36.     The Government has been investing heavily in education. This has generally raised the education level of the local workforce and prepared us for further development as a knowledge-based economy. In the long run, enhancing the skills and competitiveness of people of all ages through continuous efforts to raise their education level and encourage lifelong learning will help to increase our per capita productivity, thereby alleviating the problems caused by our shrinking workforce.

Chart 5 - Population with Academic Qualifications at Bachelor's Degree or Above





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