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Budget Speech

"Three Direct Links" and Exchanges with Taiwan

36.      The SAR Government supports the full implementation of the “Three Direct Links” across the Taiwan Strait. Although the implementation may weaken certain intermediary roles of Hong Kong in the short term, I believe that in the medium and long term this will further liberalise the trade flows between the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Hong Kong will maintain its strategic position and reap greater economic benefits from the "Three Direct Links". I have set up an inter-departmental steering committee to study and co-ordinate overall strategy and action plans on closer economic and trade ties with Taiwan.

37.      The Taipei Office of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council commenced operation in late 2008. It will step up efforts to promote trade and service industries in Taiwan. Moreover, we are encouraging the industrial and business sectors and Taiwan businessmen in Hong Kong to set up a Hong Kong-Taiwan Business Co-operation Committee to provide opportunities for direct exchanges between enterprises from both places and to foster closer co-operation in areas such as trade, investment and tourism.









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