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65.      Economic restructuring and industrial transformation have brought challenges and opportunities to Hong Kong. The Government has always been an active facilitator, providing a level playing field and a suitable environment for the industrial sector to play to its strengths. We have given appropriate support to such areas as research, product development and manpower training. This enables the industrial sector to make the best use of new high technology to further develop high value-added industries.

66.      Drawing on the successful experience of our three industrial estates in supporting the development of special industries, we are studying ways to enhance the functions of the industrial estates. We are also reviewing the existing mix of industries within these estates and exploring future market opportunities, including the introduction of new industries, to ensure that the development of our industrial estates keeps pace with the times and brings the best economic benefit to Hong Kong. It is expected that the study will be completed in the third quarter. We will consider the potential and feasibility of developing a fourth estate.








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