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Green Buildings

79.      Buildings account for some 90 per cent of our total electricity consumption. Much needs to be done to improve energy efficiency in buildings. We will allocate about $450 million to carry out minor works in government buildings in the next two years to install energy efficient lighting systems, retrofit plumbing with water saving devices and incorporate energy efficient features in air-conditioning, elevator and escalator systems.

80.      The Environment and Conservation Fund has agreed to allocate $450 million for private building owners to conduct energy-cum-carbon audits and energy efficiency improvement projects. We expect to subsidise over 1600 projects. This will also create business opportunities for related sectors. I call on the owners of private buildings to make good use of the funding scheme to improve energy efficiency.

81.      Government initiatives and efforts of the community are of equal importance. With the support of the Construction Industry Council, the Hong Kong Green Building Council will soon be established. The Council will comprise representatives of the construction industry and professional sectors. It will help raise public awareness of green buildings and facilitate exchange and technological co-operation between Hong Kong and the rest of the world. We welcome the establishment of the Council, and will support its work.








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