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Building Maintenance

90.      To address the problem of dilapidated buildings, we have, together with the Urban Renewal Authority and the Hong Kong Housing Society, adopted various measures over the years to help owners to meet their obligations to maintain their buildings. In my last Budget, I earmarked $1 billion to implement the "Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Elderly Owners", providing a maximum subsidy of $40,000 to each eligible elderly owner. So far about 2000 elderly people have benefited from the Scheme.

91.      We are determined to tackle the problem of dilapidated buildings. We will introduce new legislation on mandatory building and window inspection by the end of this year, and implement a new minor works control system that facilitates building maintenance next year. As regards the special operation to remove 5000 abandoned signboards announced by the Chief Executive after the meeting of the Task Force on Economic Challenges, the Buildings Department will commence the operation with the support of District Councils and Fire Safety Ambassadors in the districts from 1 March.







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