The 2012-13 Budget
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The 2012-13 Budget  
Budget Speech

154.       The four pillar industries and the six industries are the major driving forces of our economy, accounting for over 60 per cent of GDP and employing a workforce of over 2 million. The four pillar industries are well developed and have achieved significant growth over the years. Flourishing in recent years, the six industries also have good potential for development. Apart from creating many related jobs, these industries have also indirectly contributed to new employment opportunities in other sectors. For example, the creation of every 100 jobs in financial services will in turn bring about some 60 jobs in related industries. Similarly, in tourism and in import and export trade, every 100 jobs will indirectly bring about some 56 and 40 jobs respectively in related industries. We shall keep working with relevant sectors to further enhance the competitiveness of these industries so that they will continue to contribute to our economic development.



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