Budget Speech

Concluding Remarks

199.    Mr President, in planning and preparing this Budget, I have been wrestling with what kind of a Budget would enable Hong Kong to forge ahead and make it a better place to live and work in.  In formulating the initiatives in this Budget, I have taken into account the views received from different stakeholders and members of the public whom I consulted.  The Budget is not a panacea for all our problems, but I am deeply grateful for the many people who devote themselves to the betterment of our home, Hong Kong.  Their devotion has bolstered my confidence in the future.

200.    Our country's economic development has entered a new phase.  This, coupled with the ever-changing global economic landscape, has created a very favourable external environment for Hong Kong.  If we can capitalise on the opportunities, the wind beneath our wings will bear Hong Kong far and high.

201.    On the economic front, the current-term Government is ready to think out of the box and act proactively to open up new horizons for Hong Kong.  To improve people's livelihood, we are resolute in devoting resources and will spare no effort in solving problems.

202.    Over the years, Hong Kong has weathered many storms, and always emerged stronger through changes.  What remain unchanged are our commitment to diversity and openness, our pursuit of fairness and justice, and our aspiration for a happy life.  I strongly believe that as long as we embrace hope, find the right direction and steel our resolve, we will be able to brave the wind and the billows to turn our dreams into reality.

203.    Thank you, Mr President!



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