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Budget Speech
  Budget Speech
  An Equitable and Sustainable Society

59.     In promoting economic development, we should not lose sight of those in need, who require our care and assistance.  As a matter of fact, Hong Kong has always been a caring society.  We provide public housing, medical care and social welfare services to those in need.  The provision of such services is well-supported by the community as a whole.

60.     Owing to Hong Kong people's caring and generous spirit, the grass roots have a chance to improve their standard of living.  Many middle-class or rich people today might have grown up in families living on public assistance.  They did not lose heart or a sense of self-reliance as a result.  Instead, they strove for advancement and betterment of their livelihood.  Some have even achieved great financial success or attained eminent positions.

61.     This reflects the high degree of upward mobility in Hong Kong .  Upward mobility is rooted in an equitable society where people from all walks of life have opportunities to develop their potential, realise their aspirations and shape a better future for themselves.

62.     While the Government will continue to promote economic development, we will also encourage our enterprises to maintain the time-honoured generous spirit of our community by doing their duty as good corporate citizens.  As individuals, I hope we can continue moving forward to realise a brighter future for ourselves and future generations.

63.     Equity is, of course, just one of the main ingredients for the sustainable development of society.  To make Hong Kong a better place for us and succeeding generations to live and work, we must take heed of the other long-term development needs of the community and respond to these in good time.



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