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Budget Speech
  Budget Speech
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64.     Promoting employment will help the unemployed to re-enter the labour market, gain self-confidence and ease the pressure on the social security system, thus fostering the development of a healthy and harmonious society.  As I pointed out in last year's Budget, the most effective way of tackling unemployment is by encouraging economic development.

65.     A robust performance by private enterprise plays a crucial role in easing the unemployment problem.  The Government will also continue to allocate resources for capital works projects, promote tourism, logistics, environmental, and cultural and creative industries, and will facilitate urban renewal and building management and maintenance.  Apart from encouraging economic development, these projects create more job opportunities.

66.     Furthermore, the Government has decided to extend about 11 600 temporary jobs in the public sector, involving a sum of more than $880 million.  Meanwhile, the Government has initiated various retraining and skills-upgrading schemes and has been encouraging people to seek self-advancement and enhance their competitiveness through the Continuing Education Fund.



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