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The 2007-08 Budget The 2007-08 Budget
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Budget Speech

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Infrastructure Projects

56.       Developing our infrastructure can promote economic development, increase employment opportunities and improve our living environment.  As I have previously pledged, we will continue to earmark $29 billion a year on average for infrastructure projects over the next few years.


57.       During the Budget consultation period, I heard many suggestions for the Government to expedite the implementation of various infrastructure projects in order to create more employment opportunities for the local construction industry.  We fully recognise the aspirations of the community and have been making great endeavours to this end.  The relevant bureaux and works departments will expedite the implementation of major infrastructure projects.  In the next financial year, a number of major projects will commence construction, including the Tamar development project, the improvement and upgrading works for the 2009 East Asian Games sports facilities, Stage 2 of the Replacement and Rehabilitation Programme for Water Mains, and drainage works in various districts.  It is expected that these will create about 23 000 jobs for the construction industry.


58.       In addition, we are now planning some major projects, including the Central-Wan Chai Bypass and Wan Chai Development Phase II, Central Kowloon Route and Kai Tak Development, which will involve expenditure of $25.2 billion, $12.5 billion and $9.8 billion respectively.  We expect that their implementation will provide about 14 000 new jobs for the construction industry.  However, these projects have yet to commence as they require more time for preparatory work, including public consultation.  We very much hope, therefore, that the various sectors of the community can reach a consensus on these projects as soon as possible, so that an early start can be made on them.


59.       We have also revised the Concept Plan for Lantau.  In accordance with the overall planning concept of balanced development and conservation, we will accord priority to those projects that can stimulate the local economy and improve people's livelihood.  For other projects with implications for the long-term economic development of Hong Kong, we will deliberate on the best implementation model and timetable according to actual circumstances.  The feasibility study for the Logistics Park, for example, will shortly be completed.  Thereafter, the Government will consult the public on details of the implementation plan.



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