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Co-operation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

66.      Last April, Hong Kong and Guangdong Province signed in Beijing the Framework Agreement on Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation, which provides a clear agenda for Hong Kong-Guangdong co-operation in various respects and sets out six long-term development positions. We will work closely with Guangdong Province in taking forward various policies and measures in the Framework Agreement, formulating the 2011 Work Plan, and implementing the initiatives therein.

67.      Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macao have agreed to build a quality living area, strengthen planning co-ordination, and further improve the transport system between the Pearl River Delta region, Hong Kong and Macao. On the co-operation in building a quality living area, we will study how to improve environmental and ecological quality, promote low carbon development, improve energy supply structure and foster the development of a green transport system in the region. The Regional Co-operation Plan on Infrastructure Construction covers cross-boundary transport facilities, boundary control facilities, electricity supply, water supply, natural gas supply, cross-boundary high capacity information communication and technology infrastructure, etc.



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