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98.      In 2009, the tourism industry accounted for 3.3 per cent of our GDP and provided employment opportunities for over 190 000 people. Following the improvement of the global economy and further extension of the coverage of the Individual Visit endorsement for Shenzhen residents, our tourism industry put up a robust performance in 2010. The number of visitors and their spending reached an all-time high. We received more than 36 million visitors during the year, a significant increase of 22 per cent over 2009. Total spending associated with inbound tourism reached some $200 billion, an increase of 30.5 per cent over last year.

99.      Over the past few years, we have been investing heavily in our tourism infrastructure. With its new attraction, “Aqua City”, opening at the end of last month, Ocean Park’s redevelopment is beginning to take shape. Hong Kong Disneyland’s expansion project is making good progress and the first new themed area, “Toy Story Land”, will be opened by the end of this year. The development of the new cruise terminal at Kai Tak is in full swing, and we will invite tenders from around the world for the contract of operating the terminal. The terminal building and the first berth are expected to start operation in mid-2013.

100.      We will specify in the Application List two hotel sites for government-initiated sale by open auction or tender this year to foster hotel development. To increase the supply of different types of hotels, we will regularise the pilot measure of offering sites "restricted to hotel use" on the Application List. This arrangement will also be applicable to lease modification and land exchange applications from developers.

101.      We will continue to allocate resources for the building of tourism hardware and software. For example, we will explore the potential and directions for further development of our theme parks. We will also consider giving incentives through the Mega Events Fund or in other forms for organisers to host major events with Hong Kong characteristics, enabling tourists to experience the vibrancy and hospitality of Hong Kong as Asia’s world city throughout the year.



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