The 2011 - 2012 Budget
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Providing Support to Elders and Persons with Disabilities and in Ill-health

151.      I propose to raise the standard rates for adult CSSA recipients under the age of 60 with disabilities and in ill-health to the same level as those for elderly CSSA recipients in similar health conditions. This will more effectively help the recipients concerned make ends meet. The proposal will involve an additional annual recurrent expenditure of $328 million and is expected to benefit about 55 000 people.

152.      The community living supplement is currently payable to severely disabled CSSA recipients. I propose to extend the supplement to cover recipients with disabilities at non-severe level, recipients in ill-health and elders. I also propose to increase the monthly supplement from the existing $120 to $250 to better support the recipients’ stay in the community. This proposal will involve an additional annual recurrent expenditure of about $590 million and is expected to benefit about 190 000 recipients.

153.      It is the policy objective of the Government to provide the disabled with a barrier-free environment in order to help them live independently and integrate into the community. In 2011-12, relevant government departments will allocate more than $120 million to upgrade the existing barrier-free access facilities in government premises. We aim to complete 3 300 improvement works projects within the current term of the Government. To take forward the design works and retrofitting of barrier-free access facilities at about 180 public footbridges and subways, we also plan to seek approval of this Council for over $280 million this year. Our target is to complete the bulk of the works by 2016-17.




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