The 2012-13 Budget
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The 2012-13 Budget  
Budget Speech
Environmental Industries

147.       The current Government has introduced a number of green policies and has spent over $30 billion on environment-friendly facilities and funded projects. The impetus provided by these facilities and projects has helped promote the environmental industries by creating numerous opportunities for the environmental engineering sector, thereby driving the demand for related skills, talent and services.

148.       These facilities and projects include the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme currently underway and Sludge Treatment Facilities under construction. We have planned other public works such as the construction of Integrated Waste Management Facilities and Organic Waste Treatment Facilities. With our measures to promote waste reduction and recycling, the recycling industry in Hong Kong has been taking shape. To help enhance recycling technologies, we have earmarked land in EcoPark for the construction of facilities to break down waste electrical and electronic equipment into recyclable materials.

149.       Our green policies benefit not only the industrial sector but also professional services. The Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance enacted in 2010 specifies the energy efficiency design standards for four types of building services installations, and requires certain buildings to conduct energy audits. With the full implementation of the new legislation in September 2012, there will be more business opportunities for related professional services. In collaboration with the industry, the Government has been promoting green building standards and assessment, bringing new opportunities for the green building sector.

150.       We shall also capitalise on Hong Kong’s advantages to open up business opportunities in the Mainland for our environmental industries. The Government will support the industry’s participation in such activities as environmental exhibitions and trade missions to help build local environmental brands, and facilitate collaboration with local and overseas enterprises.



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