The 2012-13 Budget
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The 2012-13 Budget  
Budget Speech
Testing and Certification Services

151.       We have been working closely with the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification (HKCTC) to vigorously implement a three-year development plan for the testing and certification industry with a view to enhancing the industry’s competitiveness. We shall also step up the promotion of our testing and certification services outside Hong Kong. In particular, our efforts are targeted at promoting testing and certification and developing new services in four selected trades, namely Chinese medicine, construction materials, food and jewellery.

152.       In the field of Chinese medicine, we are assisting laboratories in raising the testing standard of Chinese herbal medicine. As for construction materials, we shall make greater efforts to publicise the merits of product certification to the construction industry, and promote the product certification schemes for construction materials introduced in recent years. In respect of the food trade, we have been providing funding support for the industry to develop a new certification scheme on food hygiene management for meeting the operational needs of the local catering industry. This will create business opportunities for certification services. For the jewellery trade, we have worked out standard testing methods for jadeite jade, and shall introduce standard testing methods for the other two types of jade next year. In addition, the HKCTC will set up two new panels this year to explore with the industry new business opportunities in environmental protection and information and communications technology sectors.

153.       With regard to access to the Mainland market, testing laboratories in Hong Kong have been allowed to perform testing of four types of products (i.e. toys, circuit installation, information technology equipment and lighting apparatus) processed in Hong Kong for the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) System since last year. Under Supplement VIII to CEPA, the coverage of this pilot scheme will be extended this year to all 23 types of products under CCC. This offers testing laboratories in Hong Kong new opportunities to undertake testing work in the Mainland.



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