Budget Speech

Smart City

134. The Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB) will announce the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong 2.0 this year to further promote smart city development.

Digital Infrastructure

135. The world enters the 5G era, with major telecommunications operators launching 5G services in Hong Kong during the year.  The Government will adopt a multi-pronged approach in facilitating the development and application of 5G network.  This includes the implementation of a subsidy scheme for mobile network operators to expand optical fiber network to remote villages.  We will also open up more suitable government properties, sheltered bus stops and telephone kiosks for the setting up of radio base stations by operators to support the development of 5G network.

"iAM Smart"

136. ITB will launch the "iAM Smart" one-stop personalised digital service platform in the fourth quarter of 2020.  By the middle of next year, members of the public can gain access to more than 100 online government services through "iAM Smart". 

Smart Traffic Fund

137. I have earmarked $1 billion for the Smart Traffic Fund to provide funding support for enterprises or organisations to conduct research and application on vehicle-related I&T.  The Fund is expected to commence operation in 2020-21.

Geospatial Data

138. Last year, I earmarked $300 million to promote greater use of spatial data in the community.  We will launch the high-quality territory-wide 3D digital map in phases starting from this year, and roll out the Common Spatial Data Infrastructure Portal for full operation by end-2022.  This year I will further earmark $60 million for the establishment of the first Geospatial Lab to encourage the public to make use of spatial data in developing mobile applications.

Digitisation of the Works Supervision System

139. The DEVB has actively promoted the digitisation of the works supervision system.  Starting from the second quarter of this year, all public works projects will adopt the digital works supervision system in phases.  I will allocate $100 million to develop an integrated digital platform for data integration and information exchange in order to strengthen project supervision.



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