Liveable City

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Environmental protection

  • Electric transportation
    • Formulate Hong Kong’s first roadmap on the use of electric vehicles
    • Launch a $2 billion pilot scheme to subsidise the installation of charging-enabling infrastructure in car parks of private residential buildings
    • Earmark $80 million to launch a pilot scheme for electric public light buses
    • Earmark $350 million to launch a pilot scheme for electric ferries
  • Launch a scheme in the second half of this year to phase out about 40 000 Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles. $7.1 billion earmarked for ex-gratia payment to vehicle owners concerned
  • Earmark $300 million for the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme to encourage Hong Kong-owned factories to adopt cleaner production technologies, so as to help improve regional environment
  • Set up a $200 million Green Tech Fund to support the R&D and application of decarbonisation and green technologies
  • Earmark no less than $300 million per year to implement waste paper collection and recycling services in the second half of 2020, to help stabilise the quantity and price of local waste paper

Smart city

  • Announce the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong 2.0 this year to further promote smart city development
  • Earmark $1 billion for the Smart Traffic Fund to subsidise research and application on vehicle-related I&T
  • Allocate $100 million to develop an integrated digital platform for data integration and information exchange in order to strengthen project supervision
  • Launch a territory-wide 3D digital map in phases from this year. Earmark $60 million to establish the first Geospatial Lab to promote the application of spatial data
  • Launch the “iAM Smart”, a one-stop personalised digital service platform, in the fourth quarter of this year

Caring society

  • Allocate over $300 million recurrent funding to provide 3 000 home care service quotas for frail elderly persons in the coming two years and issue 1 000 community care service vouchers to elderly persons with moderate or severe impairment in the coming year
  • $75 million recurrent funding to subsidise elderly service units for providing soft meals to elderly persons with swallowing difficulties
  • $46 million recurrent funding to subsidise Social Welfare Department-subvented NGOs operating day service units to meet the electricity charges of providing air conditioning

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