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66.      I can appreciate the concerns of the community over expenditure on education and social welfare. The Government will not waver in its commitment to invest in education and provide for the disadvantaged. However, at the same time, we need to ensure that public resources are being used most efficiently and opportunities are created for the private sector to make its contribution.

67.      In the case of education, we have seen a very positive response to the matching grant scheme introduced for the tertiary institutions. On the social welfare front, I have been impressed by the commendable efforts of the social services organisations to promote corporate social responsibility and encourage the business sector to participate in community affairs. Under the "Caring Company" campaign launched by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, for example, business organisations have been demonstrating their concern for society in a number of ways, to the benefit of our community.

68.      At last month's public consultation forum, I said that confidence in our future, care and fairness would be my guiding principles in preparing the Budget. At the same time as I strive to foster economic growth, I remain very concerned about our society's development. Despite the current tight fiscal position, the Government will earmark an additional $200 million on a one-off basis to promote the development of a tripartite social partnership comprising the Government, the business community and the welfare sector, and to encourage corporations to take part in helping the disadvantaged. The Health, Welfare and Food Bureau will consult the social welfare sector on how best to use these funds, whether, for example, to use a matching grant or other modality to incentivise the sector to seek and secure corporate participation. I hope that this will prime the pump and encourage various sectors of the community to take up a share of social responsibility and work together to create a cohesive, harmonious and caring society.

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