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Estimates For The Year Ending 31 March 2005

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Consolidated Summary of Estimates

General Revenue Account

Summary of Expenditure Estimates
Summary of Commitments
-  Summary of Establishment
Index of Policy Areas
Expenditure Analysis by Head
Controlling Officers' Reports, Details of Expenditure by Subhead, and Commitments for each Head
Head 21 Chief Executive's Office
Head 22 Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Head 25 Architectural Services Department
Head 24 Audit Commission
Head 23 Auxiliary Medical Service
Head 82 Buildings Department
Head 26 Census and Statistics Department
Head 27 Civil Aid Service 
Head 28 Civil Aviation Department 
Head 43 Civil Engineering Department
Head 30 Correctional Services Department
Head 31 Customs and Excise Department 
Head 37 Department of Health
Head 92 Department of Justice  
Head 39 Drainage Services Department   
Head 42 Electrical and Mechanical Services Department      
Head 44 Environmental Protection Department           
Head 45 Fire Services Department                             
Head 49 Food and Environmental Hygiene Department     
Head 46 General Expenses of the Civil Service           
Head 166

Government Flying Service                          

Head 48 Government Laboratory                              
Head 59 Government Logistics Department 
Head 51 Government Property Agency                     
Head 35 Government Secretariat: Beijing Office        
Head 143 Government Secretariat: Civil Service Bureau   
Head 152 Government Secretariat: Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau (Commerce and Industry Branch) 
Head 55 Government Secretariat: Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau (Communications and Technology Branch) 
Head 144 Government Secretariat: Constitutional Affairs Bureau 
Head 145 Government Secretariat: Economic Development and Labour Bureau (Economic Development Branch)    
Head 156 Government Secretariat: Education and Manpower Bureau  
Head 158 Government Secretariat: Environment, Transport and Works Bureau (Environment and Transport Branch)   
Head 159 Government Secretariat: Environment, Transport and Works Bureau (Works Branch)   
Head 148 Government Secretariat: Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (Financial Services Branch) 
Head 147 Government Secretariat: Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (The Treasury Branch)
Head 149 Government Secretariat: Health, Welfare and Food Bureau 
Head 53 Government Secretariat: Home Affairs Bureau          
Head 96 Government Secretariat: Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices  
Head 138 Government Secretariat: Housing, Planning and Lands Bureau (Planning and Lands Branch)
Head 155 Government Secretariat: Innovation and Technology Commission 
Head 142 Government Secretariat: Offices of the Chief Secretary for Administration and the Financial Secretary   
Head 151 Government Secretariat: Security Bureau     
Head 60 Highways Department                                                  
Head 63 Home Affairs Department
Head 168 Hong Kong Observatory              
Head 122 Hong Kong Police Force    
Head 62 Housing Department 
Head 70 Immigration Department  
Head 72 Independent Commission Against Corruption
Head 121 Independent Police Complaints Council
Head 74 Information Services Department    
Head 47 Information Technology Services Department          
Head 76 Inland Revenue Department      
Head 78 Intellectual Property Department    
Head 79 Invest Hong Kong   
Head 174 Joint Secretariat for the Advisory Bodies on Civil Service and Judicial Salaries and Conditions of Service
Head 80 Judiciary 
Head 90 Labour Department
Head 91 Lands Department
Head 94 Legal Aid Department 
Head 112 Legislative Council Commission   
Head 95 Leisure and Cultural Services Department                    
Head 100 Marine Department          
Head 106 Miscellaneous Services           
Head 114 Office of The Ombudsman     
Head 116 Official Receiver's Office 
Head 120 Pensions  
Head 118 Planning Department
Head 136 Public Service Commission 
Head 160 Radio Television Hong Kong 
Head 162 Rating and Valuation Department 
Head 163 Registration and Electoral Office                            
Head 170 Social Welfare Department  
Head 173 Student Financial Assistance Agency  
Head 180 Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority  
Head 110 Territory Development Department 
Head 181 Trade and Industry Department 
Head 186 Transport Department
Head 188 Treasury  
Head 190 University Grants Committee
Head 194 Water Supplies Department  
Head 184 Transfers to Funds   
  Civil Service Training and Development Institute  
  Government Land Transport Agency
  Government Secretariat: Economic Development and Labour Bureau (Labour Branch)    
  Government Supplies Department        
  Official Languages Agency
  Printing Department 
  Subventions: Miscellaneous
Subventions: Non-Departmental Public Bodies
Revenue Analysis by Head
Summary Of Revenue Estimates
Head 1 Duties                           
Head 2 General Rates
Head 3 Internal Revenue  
Head 4 Motor Vehicle Taxes 
Head 5 Fines, Forfeitures and Penalties
Head 6 Royalties and Concessions
Head 7 Properties and Investments
Head 9 Loans, Reimbursements, Contributions and Other Receipts 
Head 10 Utilities 
Head 11 Fees and Charges  


Details in respect of

-  Capital Works Reserve Fund

      Memorandum Note

      Summary of Payments by Heads (Works Account)

      Head 701 - Land Acquisition

      Head 702 - Port and Airport Development  

      Head 703 - Buildings 

      Head 704 - Drainage

      Head 705 - Civil Engineering

      Head 706 - Highways

      Head 707 - New Towns and Urban Area Development

      Head 708 - Capital Subventions and Major Systems and Equipment

          Capital Subventions

          Major Systems and Equipment

      Head 709 - Waterworks

      Head 710 - Computerisation

      Head 711 - Housing

      Receipts, Movement of the Account and Expenditure/Revenue Analysis 

Capital Investment Fund

-  Civil Service Pension Reserve Fund

-  Disaster Relief Fund

-  Innovation and Technology Fund  

-  Land Fund

-  Loan Fund

-  Lotteries Fund


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