The 2011 - 2012 Budget
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Business and Professional Services

96.      Hong Kong is a leading global business hub. Professional services are a high-value-added component of our service industries, and we have distinct advantages in such areas as legal, accountancy, construction and related engineering, and medical services. Business support and professional services made a contribution of 13.1 per cent to our GDP in 2009 and provided employment opportunities for nearly 460 000 people, representing over one-eighth of our total workforce. The value of our professional and other business services exported in 2010 reached $69.6 billion, more than doubled that of 2000.

97.      With the rapid modernisation of the Mainland economy, there is a growing demand for professional services in terms of both quality and quantity. Under the CEPA framework, the Government will make continuous efforts to assist our professional services to access the Mainland market. Such efforts include encouraging mutual recognition of professional qualifications and facilitating the Hong Kong professionals’ practice and business start-ups in the Mainland. The Government will also maintain close contact with the Mainland and the industries to enhance the promotion and effective implementation of CEPA, with a view to assisting Hong Kong’s professional services in expanding the scope for development.





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