Liveable City

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  • Earmark $10 billion as a Public Healthcare Stabilisation Fund to ensure stable funding for public healthcare services and for coping with unexpected circumstances
  • Earmark $5 billion to expedite the upgrading and acquisition of medical equipment
  • Provide $400 million additional recurrent funding to expand the scope of the Drug Formulary
  • Provide over $700 million additional recurrent funding for the Hospital Authority to implement measures to boost staff morale and retain talents
  • Allocate $1.2 billion to establish the Hong Kong Genome Institute for promoting the application and development of genomic medicine
  • Continue to pursue two 10-year Hospital Development Plans, enhance training for healthcare manpower, and promote primary healthcare services

Arts and Culture

  • Provide $176 million for hosting large-scale world-class arts programmes and strengthening district arts activities in the next 5 years
  • Allocate $20 million to support the digital conversion of film copies and film heritage
  • Provide additional recurrent funding of $54 million to support the operation of art groups


  • Inject $250 million into the Hong Kong Athletes Fund to support athletes in pursuing athletic training and academic studies concurrently
  • Allocate around $100 million in the next two years to support the operation of 60 national sports associations

Building the City

  • Earmark $6 billion for the enhancement of waterfront
  • Allocate $600 million to refurbish 240 public toilets by phases
  • Set up a $200 million Urban Forestry Support Fund to strengthen public education and promotion on tree care, enhance the professionalism of the arboriculture and horticulture sector, and attract new blood

Environmental protection

  • Allocate $120 million to extend the public charging network of electric vehicles at government car parks, and explore the feasibility of installing chargers in on-street parking spaces
  • Provide $1 billion for government departments to install renewable energy facilities

Smart City

  • Earmark $300 million to develop a geospatial data sharing platform and 3D digital maps of the whole territory
  • Assign and auction spectrums by batches to prepare for the development of 5G

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