Relieve People's Burden Support enterprises

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Relieve People's Burden

  • Reduce salaries tax and tax under personal assessment for Year of Assessment 2018-19 by 75% subject to a ceiling of $20,000
  • Reduce profits tax for Year of Assessment 2018-19 by 75%, subject to a ceiling of $20,000
  • Waive rates for 4 quarters of 2019-20, subject to a ceiling of $1,500 per quarter for each rateable property
  • Provide an extra 1month allowance to recipients of CSSA, Old Age Allowance, Old Age Living Allowance or Disability Allowance; similar arrangements will apply to Working Family Allowance and Work Incentive Transport Subsidy
  • Provide a one-off additional $1,000 worth of Elderly Health Care Vouchers, and increase the accumulation limit of vouchers to $8,000
  • Provide a one-off grant of $2,500 to each student in need
  • Pay the examination fees for school candidates sitting for the 2020 Hong Kong DSE Examination

Support enterprises

  • Waive the business registration fees for 2019-20
  • Regularise the Technology Voucher Programme and double the funding ceiling for enterprises to $400,000
  • Inject $1 billion into the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales, extend its geographical scope and increase the funding ceiling for enterprises
  • Extend the application period of the special concessionary measures under the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme to end June 2020
  • Expand the networks of Free Trade Agreement, Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, and Comprehensive Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement
  • Expand the Economic and Trade Office network to strengthen external promotion and assist Hong Kong enterprises in exploring new business opportunities

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