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Building a Liveable City

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Green City

  • Announce Hong Kong's first roadmap on the popularisation of electric vehicles, measures include ceasing the new registration of fuel-propelled private cars in 2035 or earlier
  • Complete updated Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong by mid-2021
  • Earmark $1 billion to install small-scale renewable energy systems at government buildings and infrastructure
  • Earmark $150 million to conduct energy audits and install energy-saving appliances, free of charge, for social welfare NGOs
  • Inject $1 billion into Recycling Fund and extend the application period to 2027

Relieve Traffic Congestion

  • Increase the rate of each tax band for the first registration tax for private cars (including electric private cars) by 15% and the vehicle licence fee by 30%
  • Transport Department to continue the studies on “Congestion Charging” and the Electric Road Pricing Pilot Scheme in Central

Quality Living

  • Earmark $500 million to enhance facilities in country parks
  • Earmark $55 million to enhance hiking trails in country parks
  • Earmark around $300 million to implement a five-year plan for upgrading football pitches
  • Continue to implement harbourfront enhancement works

Strengthen Healthcare System

  • Allocate $147 million to enhance mental health services
  • Continue to work with universities to upgrade and increase healthcare-related teaching facilities
  • Commence operation of 2 District Health Centres in the coming two years, and set up “DHC Expresses” in another 11 districts within this year
  • Press ahead with implementing the first 10-year Hospital Development Plan (HDP) and the planning of the second 10-year HDP

Caring and Inclusion

  • Elderly services: provide about 8 800 residential care places and about 2 800 subsidised day care service places in the coming few years
  • Rehabilitation services: increase the number of places for on-site pre-school rehabilitation services to 10 000 in 2022/23 school year
  • Inject $1.1 billion into Lotteries Fund to ensure that feasibility studies for much-needed social welfare development projects can proceed as scheduled

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