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Revive the Economy

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  • Electronic Consumption Vouchers
    • Issue $5,000 electronic consumption vouchers in instalments to each eligible Hong Kong permanent resident and new arrival aged 18 or above to facilitate and stimulate local consumption
  • Inject $1.5 billion into the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales, increase funding ceiling per enterprise to $6 million and extend its geographical coverage in phases
  • Allocate $375 million to Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to enhance its capability to organise online activities and to proceed with digitalisation
  • Explore the use of HKTDC’s platforms to assist young business starters in promoting their original products
  • Develop the business version of the “iAM Smart” digital authentication platform
  • Provide electronic submission means for most government forms and licence applications by mid-2022
  • Provide e-payment options (including Faster Payment System) for making payments of most government bills and licences starting from mid-2022
  • Explore the development of the Hong Kong Legal Cloud

Support Tourism

  • Earmark $169 million to continue to take forward local cultural, heritage and creative tourism projects
  • Earmark $765 million to support Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) in reviving the tourism industry
  • HKTB to conduct a comprehensive review of the positioning of Hong Kong’s tourism in the long run, formulate strategies to spur industry’s recovery
  • Consider reviving local group tours provided that public health can be safeguarded, allowing room for industry’s business operation
  • Discuss and work out Air Travel Bubble arrangement with suitable places

Download highlights leaflet (in PDF format) (about 7034 KB)