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Budget Speech

Stepping up Anti‑epidemic Efforts

26. Fighting the epidemic is our overriding mission at present.  The Government will mobilise all available manpower and resources to contain and stabilise the epidemic.  I will once again allocate substantial additional resources in the new financial year, including:

(a) an additional funding of about $22 billion for the Food and Health Bureau (FHB) to strengthen testing work, procure rapid antigen test kits and relevant services, and provide additional support for the Hospital Authority (HA);
(b) an additional funding of $6 billion for the Department of Health to procure more vaccines as booster doses for the general public;
(c) an additional funding amounting to about $7 billion in total for relevant departments to procure anti‑epidemic items and services, implement anti‑epidemic measures, etc.;
(d) a total additional funding of $500 million to be allocated within two years for the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) to enhance environmental hygiene services, particularly strengthening the street cleansing and refuse collection services, stepping up measures on rodent control and improving the hygiene of public markets in response to the epidemic.  Meanwhile, the FEHD will strengthen inspections and enforcement actions to raise the community's awareness about hygiene; and
(e) a further injection of $12 billion into the AEF for the construction of various anti-epidemic related facilities.

27. Besides, I have earmarked $20 billion for other potential anti‑epidemic needs.  We will provide full support to fight the epidemic should more resources be required.



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