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Building Capacity

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Expand land resources

  • Northern Metropolis: Set aside $100 billion from the cumulative return of the Future Fund to set up a dedicated fund to expedite the implementation of infrastructure works relating to land, housing and transportation within the Northern Metropolis

Nurture talents

  • Healthcare:
    • Increase recurrent allocation up to $400 million as needed for enhancing training for medical professionals
    • Provide 500 more designated places to provide subsidies for students to take self-financing undergraduate programmes on healthcare
    • Earmark $10 billion for the completion of the works to upgrade and increase healthcare teaching facilities of universities to provide the capacity to cope with about 900 additional healthcare training places
  • Financial Sectors: Launch the Pilot Green and Sustainable Finance Capacity Building Support Scheme and the Pilot Scheme on Training Subsidy for FinTech Practitioners for the training of professionals
  • Innovation and Technology: Continue to provide young people with internship and training opportunities through various schemes, provide incentives or subsidies for graduates to pursue a career in I&T, facilitate the entry of talent into Hong Kong
  • Arts and Culture: Inject $100 million into the Cantonese Opera Development Fund to support the training of practitioners. Allocate $37 million to provide professional training for conservators
  • Construction Industry: Allocate $1 billion to the Construction Industry Council for supporting manpower training
  • Continuing Education: Raise the subsidy ceiling of the Continuing Education Fund to $25,000 and remove the upper age limit

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