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Budget Speech

International Air Cargo

102. To further provide quality and efficient cargo services for the GBA, the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) plans to develop sea‑air cargo transhipment between the HKIA and the rest of the GBA.  The AA will set up an upstream HKIA Logistics Park in Dongguan and an airside intermodal cargo handling facility at the HKIA.  This will allow export cargo from the Mainland to complete security screening in advance and then be transported seamlessly to Hong Kong.  It will then be directly transhipped to all overseas destinations through Hong Kong's international aviation network without the need to undergo further security screening.  Similarly, international cargo can also be imported into the Mainland through the reverse process.  Since the end of 2021, the AA has progressively launched a sea‑air intermodal pilot scheme with the existing facilities at the HKIA for the purpose of testing and establishing the full operational procedures.



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