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Budget Speech

Transport Infrastructure

124. The provision of comprehensive infrastructure support is crucial for the implementation of the major development projects mentioned above.  Infrastructure‑led and capacity building planning approach means that transport infrastructure will be used to drive the development of land.  The expansion of the railway network will support NDAs and other new development projects, unleash the development potential of nearby areas and facilitate revitalisation, development and economic activities in the districts.  The Government is actively taking forward a series of new railway projects, among which the environmental impact assessment studies for the Northern Link and Hung Shui Kiu Station projects have commenced, while the railway schemes for the Tung Chung Line Extension and Tuen Mun South Extension were already gazetted.

125. We are exploring the layout of railway and major road infrastructure in the territory, having regard to the development strategy set out in the "Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030".  These studies are conducted to ensure that the planning of infrastructure will cater for, or even reserve capacity to meet, the overall long‑term development needs of Hong Kong, including the Development Strategy.  Besides, the Transport Department has launched the Traffic and Transport Strategy Study to lay down the visions for Hong Kong's traffic and transport policies until 2050 and draw up a strategy blueprint, thereby ensuring that Hong Kong can build a safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and efficient traffic and transport system.



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