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Budget Speech

Financial Services

128. Having regard to the new trend of developing low‑carbon and sustainable economy, we plan to launch a three‑year Pilot Green and Sustainable Finance Capacity Building Support Scheme.  Under the scheme, subsidies will be provided for the training and acquisition of relevant professional qualifications, so as to encourage practitioners in the financial and other relevant sectors to participate in the training.

129. We are also actively implementing the development of professional qualifications recognised under the Qualifications Framework for Fintech practitioners.  The first batch of Fintech professional qualifications for the banking sector is expected to be rolled out this year.  We will also implement the Pilot Scheme on Training Subsidy for FinTech Practitioners this year.  Practitioners who have attained Fintech professional qualifications can receive reimbursement of 80 per cent of the tuition fees, and around 1 500 places will be offered.  We will conduct a consultancy study this year, with a view to continuing developing Fintech professional qualifications for different financial sectors, thereby promoting comprehensive professional development of Fintech talent.  The estimated expenditure of the scheme is $43 million.

130. Besides, we have commissioned the Cyberport to implement a new round of Financial Practitioners FinTech Training Programme this year to provide training programmes and tuition fee subsidies for practitioners in the insurance and securities sectors.  Subsidies will also be provided for the two sectors to organise their own training programmes.



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