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Budget Speech

Construction Industry

138. In order to train more new blood and upskill in‑service workers, I propose to allocate $1 billion to the Construction Industry Council for supporting manpower training, which includes increasing the training places and the amount of allowance for trades facing labour shortage to attract new entrants and job changers to the industry, and increasing the training places for upgrading semi‑skilled construction workers to skilled workers and the amount of allowance.  We will also step up our efforts to promote the professional image and career prospects of the construction industry in order to attract more young people to join.

139. We established the Centre of Excellence for Major Project Leaders in 2019 with the aim of equipping public officers with a more innovative mindset and enhanced leadership skills for taking forward public works projects.  I have set aside $30 million for extending the training of the centre to stakeholders outside the Government, including project‑related personnel of major public organisations as well as those working for consultants and contractors engaged in public works projects, with a view to enhancing the overall performance of works projects, and jointly taking forward our long‑term major development plans.



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