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Budget Speech

Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles

159. The Government launched the $2 billion EV‑charging at Home Subsidy Scheme in October 2020 to promote the installation of EV charging‑enabling infrastructure in car parks of the existing private residential buildings.  Given the overwhelming response, we will inject an additional sum of $1.5 billion to extend the scheme for four years to the 2027‑28 financial year.  The scheme will support the installation of EV charging‑enabling infrastructure for a total of about 140 000 parking spaces in some 700 existing private residential buildings, accounting for about half of the eligible parking spaces in Hong Kong.

160. The Government is preparing to gradually convert some existing petrol or liquefied petroleum gas filling stations into quick charging stations, so as to support the provision of charging services for more diverse types of vehicles.  We will also explore the feasibility of developing some larger filling station sites under the "single site, multiple use" model.



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