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Budget Speech

Actively Align with National Development Strategies

69. All along, Hong Kong's destiny has been closely intertwined with the destiny of our country. In the prosperous development of our country over a long period, Hong Kong has always actively participated and made irreplaceable contributions, and at the same time it has achieved a higher level of development in a wider range of areas.

70. Our country is advancing towards the second centenary goal and is now in a critical opening period of the journey.  As Hong Kong integrates into the national development, we must fully leverage our unique advantages and irreplaceable role under "One Country, Two Systems" to make proactive contributions to the modernisation of our country.

71. The GBA is the best entry point for Hong Kong to integrate into the national development.  It has a population of 86 million, and is also the country's most affluent area.  Innovative and vibrant, the GBA economy has full-fledged and high-quality production chains and strong complementarity with the Hong Kong economy.  By joining hands with our GBA sister cities to achieve synergy in the development of a number of major industries, Hong Kong can certainly spearhead high quality development of the entire GBA.



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