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High Quality Development

Digital Economy

  • Conduct a feasibility study on the development of an Artificial Intelligence Supercomputing Centre
  • $500 million earmarked to launch a Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme, to assist SMEs in applying ready-to-use basic digital solutions
  • $200 million to enhance the operation of the “iAM Smart” platform to improve user experience
  • Propose to provide tax deduction for the spectrum utilisation fees paid by telecommunications network operators which successfully bid for radio spectrum


  • $50 million to expedite development of the Web3 ecosystem
  • Set up a task force to advise on the sustainable development of the virtual asset industry

International GreenTech and GreenFi Centre

  • Set up a Green Technology and Finance Development Committee to formulate an action agenda covering green technology, green finance, green standard certification, etc.
  • Organise an International GreenTech Week

Attracting Enterprises and Talents

  • Introduce a mechanism to provide facilitation for companies domiciled overseas for re-domiciliation to Hong Kong
  • Introduce a new Capital Investment Entrant Scheme: applicants may reside and pursue development in Hong Kong after making investment at a certain amount in the local asset market, excluding property

Aligning with National Development Strategies

Innovation and Technology

  • $6 billion for universities and research institutes to set up thematic research centres related to life and health technology
  • $3 billion earmarked to enhance basic research in frontier technology fields such as artificial intelligence and quantum technology
  • Establish a Microelectronics Research and Development Institute to enhance collaboration among universities, R&D centres and the industry, expediting "1 to N" transformation
  • Over $260 million reserved for Cyberport to nurture smart living start-ups
  • HKSTPC will inject $400 million into its Corporate Venture Fund and inject an additional $110 million to launch the Co-acceleration Programme
  • Conduct a feasibility study on setting up the second Advanced Manufacturing Centre


  • Plan to issue no less than $50 billion of Silver Bond and $15 billion of retail green bonds in the next financial year
  • Plan to earmark a certain proportion of the future issuances of Government green bonds and infrastructure bonds for priority investment by MPF funds
  • Provide $100 million to InvestHK to attract more family offices to Hong Kong
  • Explore use of Hong Kong’s Faster Payment System and Thailand’s PromptPay by visitors from the two places for local payment
  • Review the development potential and prospects of tokenised bond issuance
  • Extend the Pilot Insurance-linked Securities Grant Scheme for 2 years
  • Continue to explore with the Mainland on expansion of mutual market access and enhancement arrangements
  • Introduce a listing regime for advanced technology companies in the first quarter of 2023
  • Put up specific reform recommendations on GEM for stakeholder consultation


  • Press ahead with the “Airport City” development strategy
  • Enhance the aircraft leasing preferential tax regime to attract aircraft leasing companies to establish presence in Hong Kong


  • Set up a task force to further promote the development of Hong Kong's high-end maritime services and put forward an action plan
  • $20 million reserved to expedite strategic studies and exchanges of the high-end maritime service industry, and expand the scale of the Hong Kong Maritime Week


  • Provide an additional funding of $550 million to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to assist enterprises in opening up markets
  • Inject $500 million into the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD Fund) and expedite the processing of applications
  • Allocate $100 million to the Hong Kong Productivity Council to strengthen assistance for SMEs in applying for government subsidies

Intellectual Property Trading

  • Introduce a “patent box” tax incentive to encourage the I&T sector to create more patented inventions
  • Provide additional $10 million to the Intellectual Property Department to employ and nurture patent examiners

Legal and Dispute Resolution Services

  • Seek to implement the use of a common online mediation platform in the GBA

International Cultural Exchange

  • Allocate more than $150 million to support Hong Kong artists in taking part in performances and productions in the GBA, and to organise the GBA Culture and Arts Festival in 2024
  • Inject $500 million into the CreateSmart Initiative to support the creative industries

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