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Building Capacity

Talent Resources

  • Finance: launch a Fintech internship scheme for post-secondary students, and extend the Pilot Programme to Enhance Talent Training for the Insurance Sector and the Asset and Wealth Management Sector for 3 years
  • Aviation: increase the first year training places of the GBA Youth Aviation Industry Internship Programme to 450
  • Maritime: inject $200 million into the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund to support manpower training
  • Innovation and Technology: additional $300 million to provide up to $1 million for each publicly funded secondary school to organise IT-related extra curricular activities
  • Construction Industry: additional $100 million to provide on-the-job training allowance to trainees who have enrolled in construction related programmes

Development of the Agriculture and Fisheries Industry

  • Work hand in hand with the industry to formulate a blueprint for the sustainable development of agriculture and fisheries

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