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Budget Speech

Building Capacity

Talent Resources

134. Talents are the most important resources for growth.  Hong Kong's future depends on the continuous and abundant supply of  quality talents to meet market demands.  While launching initiatives to "compete for talents", the Government's foremost task is still to proactively nurture and retain local talents.  The Government will encourage diversified development through education and training to equip young people and practitioners of different sectors with the skills required for the future development of our industries and economy, and create opportunities and hope for our local talents, so as to motivate them to keep striving for a better future together in Hong Kong.

Financial Services

135. To further nurture Fintech talents, the Government will launch a Fintech internship scheme for post secondary students, under which subsidies will be provided to participating students in Hong Kong and the GBA.  The scheme facilitates eligible students to acquire practical work experience in Fintech enterprises in Hong Kong or the wider GBA, and helps them develop an early interest in pursuing a career in Fintech after graduation, with a view to enlarging the local Fintech talent pool. 

136. Since its launch in 2016, the Pilot Programme to Enhance Talent Training for the Insurance Sector and the Asset and Wealth Management Sector has been well received.  We will extend the programme for three years to nurture more talents for the industry and enhance the professional competency of practitioners.

Maritime, Aviation and Logistics Industries

137. Since its launch in 2014, the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) has benefited more than 15 000 students and practitioners, and supported the industries in their promotional and publicity work.  I will inject $200 million into the MATF to support manpower training of the logistics industry, promote the development of high‑end, high value‑added and smart logistics, and encourage the industry to collaborate with tertiary institutions and professional organisations in attracting more young people to join the industry.  In addition, we will launch a Maritime Services Traineeship Scheme this year to provide traineeship opportunities for young people who aspire to a career in maritime law, with a view to nurturing more home‑grown maritime lawyers.

138. In order to attract more young people to join the aviation industry, the first‑year training places of the GBA Youth Aviation Industry Internship Programme co‑organised by the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy and Mainland institutions will be increased from 300 to 450 to meet the long‑term manpower demand of the aviation industry in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Innovation and Technology (I&T)

139. In recent years, the Government has been making dedicated efforts to foster among our youth an interest in I&T from an early age, enhance students' digital skills and innovative thinking, improve the atmosphere for their learning of information technology (IT), and expand the future supply of I&T talents.  Since launching, the IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools Programme and the Knowing More About IT Programme have been well received.  I will make an additional funding of $300 million to continue providing subsidies of up to $1 million for each publicly‑funded secondary school in the next three academic years for organisation of IT‑related extra‑curricular activities.

Construction Industry

140. In order to meet the manpower requirement for future infrastructure development, we will work with tertiary institutions to offer a comprehensive study and career development pathway and launch a two‑year pilot scheme to provide on‑the‑job training allowance to trainees who have enrolled in part‑time construction‑related degree programmes.  It is estimated that a funding of about $100 million will be incurred.  The Government will also earmark $7 million to partner with Hong Kong Institute of Construction to launch a two‑year "First‑hire‑then‑train" subsidy scheme, to provide on‑the‑job training allowance to trainees who have chosen to enrol in Construction Safety Officer courses.



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