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Green Future

Green Finance

  • Assist companies and financial institutions in sustainability reporting and data analysis
  • Green and Sustainable Finance Grant Scheme: extended to 2027
  • Green and Sustainable Fintech Proof of Concept Subsidy Scheme: to be launched in the first half this year
  • Co-host a Joint Climate Finance Conference in Hong Kong with Dubai

Green Shipping

  • Allocate $65 million to concessionary measures for Hong Kong-registered ships that have attained a high rating under international standards of decarbonisation
  • Study green-methanol bunkering for local and ocean-going vessels

Green Aviation

  • Promote use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Hong Kong
  • Photovoltaic technology: Launch a pilot scheme to explore applications on facades of government buildings
  • Electric vehicles: Extend the first registration tax (FRT) concessions for electric vehicles to March 2026 with concessions reduced by 40%
    • Maximum FRT concession under the “One for One Replacement” Scheme: $172,500
    • Concession ceiling for general electric private cars: $58,500
    • Not applicable to electric private cars valued at over $500,000 before tax

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