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Industry Development

Innovation and Technology

  • AI Supercomputing Centre: First phase facility to operate in 2024 earliest. Allocate $3 billion to support local universities, R&D institutes and enterprises to leverage its computing power, etc
  • Establish the Hong Kong Microelectronics Research and Development Institute in 2024 to facilitate research collaboration on third-generation semiconductors
  • $6 billion for universities to set up life and health technology research institutes
  • Set up the Greater Bay Area International Clinical Trial Institute in Hetao Shenzhen Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Co-operation Zone this year
  • Launch the New Industrialisation Acceleration Scheme this year and provide enterprises with up to $200 million on a matching basis
  • Publish a White Paper on the Development of the HSITP in the Loop in 2024
  • $2 billion to support presence of InnoHK research clusters in the Hetao
  • $200 million to support incubation and acceleration programmes to Hetao start-ups engaging in life and health technology
  • $3 billion earmarked to launch a Frontier Technology Research Infrastructure Support Scheme
  • Provide up to $16 million to each Technology Transfer Office of 8 UGC-funded universities


  • Issue $70 billion of retail bonds:
    • Silver bonds: $50 billion
    • Green bonds and infrastructure bonds: $20 billion
  • Promote introduction of block trading, RMB counters under Southbound Stock Connect, and expansion of the mutual access regime to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Host the 10th Anniversary of Mutual Access Forum and stage a series of roadshows in the Mainland
  • Extend the Grant Scheme for Open-ended Fund Companies and REITs for 3 years
  • Enhance preferential tax regimes for family office funds, etc.
  • Continue to build collaborative framework on cross-boundary credit referencing
  • $100 million to promote sustainable development of financial services


  • Multinational supply chain management centre:
    • Provide consulting services, trade financing and corporate training
    • Study the establishment of trade single window to provide one-stop services for enterprises
    • Attract Mainland manufacturing enterprises to set up offshore trading management headquarters in Hong Kong
  • Explore new markets: Consider establishing Economic and Trade Offices in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Organise “Belt and Road Festival” and “Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Cooperation Forum” in 2024

Intellectual Property Trading

  • Introduce legislative proposal to implement "patent box" tax incentive. Profit tax rate to be reduced to 5%
  • $45 million to support Hong Kong Productivity Council in establishing and operating WIPO Technology and Innovation Support Centre


  • Study enhancements to tax concession measures for maritime industry
  • Offer block registration incentive to shipowners for extensive registration of ships in Hong Kong


  • Strengthen aviation services with current major routes and routes along the Belt and Road, in support of “Air Silk Road”

Legal and Dispute Resolution Services

  • Headquarters of the "International Organization for Mediation" to be hosted in Hong Kong
  • Continue to promote Hong Kong's legal and dispute resolution services in the Mainland, the Middle East and ASEAN member states

International Cultural Exchange

  • Inject $1.4 billion into Film Development Fund
  • Inject $2.9 billion into CreateSmart Initiative
  • Organise Hong Kong Fashion Design Week annually from 2024 onwards
  • Devise key arrangements of Signature Performing Arts Programme Scheme in first half of 2024 to support long running of large-scale programmes
  • Organise the first Hong Kong Performing Arts Expo

Nurturing Local Talent

  • Additional funding of $12 million to prepare for regulatory arrangements for local patent agent services
  • Legal talent: Work to establish Hong Kong International Legal Talents Training Academy
  • IT education: Additional funding of $130 million to support "Knowing More About IT" Programme. Providing subsidies of up to $300,000 for each publicly funded primary school in the next 2 academic years
  • Review the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund to enhance its effectiveness

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