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Budget Speech

A New Starting Point in History

45. The implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, coupled with the improvement of the electoral system, is to implement the fundamental principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong" and establish Hong Kong's political order from a legal and institutional perspective.  As a result, the practice of "One Country, Two Systems" in Hong Kong can be brought back to the right track for steadfast and successful implementation, so that Hong Kong can consolidate and strengthen its uniqueness and advantages under this system.

46. At present, the "executive-led" political system has been strengthened, and there is healthy interaction between the executive and the legislature.  The administration's governance efficiency has been enhanced as a result.  The HKSAR Government, the LegCo and all sectors of society can work together to address social, economic and people's livelihood issues, and gradually resolve some of the deep- seated contradictions that have hindered Hong Kong's development for a long time.  Year 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the re-unification of the Hong Kong SAR with our Motherland, which will mark a new historical starting point for Hong Kong, and a new milestone towards governance and prosperity.



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