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Budget Speech

Integrate into the National Development

47. Hong Kong has unique advantages, including institutional advantages under "One Country, Two Systems", a fine tradition of rule of law, and a market-oriented and internationalised business environment.  We have always been leveraging the support from our Motherland while engaging with the world, serving our country's needs with our strengths, and achieving great development in return.  Under the 14th Five-Year Plan, our country continues to reform and open up, moves towards high-quality development, and progress according to the strategy of domestic and international dual circulation.  It also makes clear the positioning and direction of Hong Kong's economic development and supports the development of Hong Kong in eight areas.  Integrating into the national development is an inevitable path for the Hong Kong economy.  The Government will make good use of national policies and our own advantages and take the GBA as an entry point, proactively exploring the vast Mainland market and participating in the domestic circulation of the national economy.  At the same time, Hong Kong will play its bridging and platform role at the intersection of domestic and international circulations well, connecting domestic and foreign markets and investors, and assisting Mainland enterprises to explore the international market.



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